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Telescopic working platforms


  • For truck chassis total weight of 5,000 kg or more (single cabin 1 + 1, dual rear wheels), wheelbase 3,750 mm, driving Vehicle category C
  • Axles chassis 2
  • Type - telescopic
  • Working platform height 21.0 m
  • Maximum lateral outreach up to 11.6 m with the ALM system
  • Maximum lateral outreach with 200 kilograms in the working basket to 8.0 m with the ALM system
  • ALM system: automatic torque limiting (to automatically change the side reach depending on the load in the working basket)
  • Drive hydraulic platform with power outputs from the gearbox 
  • Managing platform electro-hydraulic, proportionally, from the basket and from the ground, extra manual operation
  • Safety standards according to CE standards
    • inability to control if stabilizers are not drawn
    • inability to control if stabilizers are not supported on the ground
    • inability to control stabilizers if the linkage is raised
    • sound signalization in the border positions
  • Platform width 2.100 mm 
  • Platform height approximately 2.800 mm (depending on the chassis)
  • Platform height from the vehicles chassis approximately 2,570 mm (depending on the chassis)
  • The platform length of 5,200 mm
  • Length approximately 2,760 mm
  • Weight approximately 2,000 kg
  • The range of stabilizers in the working position maximum 3,200 mm
  • Working basket made of polyester carrying capacity of 200 kg
  • Turning dome infinit
  • The degree of protection IP 65 electrical equipment
  • Sandblasting and painting twice podšasija colored trucks, platform orange RAL 2011
  • Sidebar underrun protection according to CE standards
  • Mudguards on the rear wheels
  • Electric installations
  • Outline lights
  • SAFETY AT WORK Certificate for cranes
  • Certificate from the Center for vehicles of Republic Croatia

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