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Working platforms

Scissor shaped working platformThe upper platform

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Scissor shaped working platform (cargo lift) They apply only for the transport of goods-materials.

  • performance up to 3.5 t
  • lift height up to 6.5 m
  • are installed at depths of up to 2,000 mm, depending on the number of scissors - the height of raising the guide rail
  • electro hydraulic drive
  • electro handling of multi-levels, protected electric lock on the access door
  • certificate of safety at work

Technical description

Hydraulic scissor platforms are used for lowering and lifting cargo

The main features of the lifting table
load up to 3.500 kg
Dimensions of the podium length up to 5.000 mm
Platform height lowered at ground level or on customer request
height of the platform in the raised position up to 6.500 mm

Structural circuits of the scissor platforms:

  1. upper podium, 
  2. a set of scissor levers, 
  3. the lower frame (base), 
  4. hydraulic lifting cylinder, 
  5. electro-hydraulic power unit, 
  6. control system.

1. The upper platform

  • mounting frame of steel profiles with steel rib tin,
  • OPTIONAL: floor of the platform of various materials according to customer needs and bolts and bushes,
  • the guide wheel.

2.The set of scissor levers

  • levers from steel profiles,
  • bolts and bushes,
  • wheels

3. The lower frame

  • frame made of steel profiles,
  • bolts and bushes,
  • guides for the wheel

4. The hydraulic lifting cylinder - Singleworking

5. Electrohydraulic drive unit

  • motor power (kW): according to the size and capacity of of the scissor platforms
  • voltage: 3 x 380 V; 50 Hz
  • power cable length resistant to oil and grease
  • hydraulic pump
  • a reservoir for hydraulic oil
  • proportional hydraulic valve
  • block on the solenoid valves and valve for forced lowering

6. Controller

  • handling with call button at the door

Optional for some scissor platform models::

  • portable control box with push-buttons (joystic) for each function
  • cabel for the control box length 4 m

Delivered models