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Working platforms

Pole working platform

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Working platforms on vehicles for the maintenance and construction of railway lines. The main parts of the platform are:

  1. Podium,
  2. Vertical teleskopic pole with access ladder,
  3. Base plate with cradle and speed reducer,
  4. Hydraulic system,
  5. Electrical and other lines,
  6. Pneumatic connection with valve limits pressure, oil remover and 40 l of air,
  7. Control panel on the working platform.

Technical description 

1. Podium

1.1. Dimensions: Length ×  weidth(according to customer demand)
1.2. Handrail height: 1,100 mm (in accordance with safety regulations) 
1.3. The width of the front and rear double doors opening inwards: depending on the width of the platform (light opening) 
1.4. Protective removable bars for security work when working with open doors 
1.5. Side doors on both sides of the landing with a protective removable crossbars for working 
with opened doors: depending on the length of platforms
1.6. Below the floor of the rear overhang integrated tool crate 
1.7. On the podium:

  • excerpt for the air tools (1 set)
  • excerpts for hydraulic tools (2 ps.)
  • air tank
  • lighting armatures

1.8. Podium of the  platform is made of ribbed aluminum sheet (carrying capacity of the floor 300 kg / m²) 
1.9. Protecting fences and gates are made of stainless steel. In the lower part protection height 200 mm mesh size to 10 mm with horizontal crank protection 
1.10. Grounding platform is performed from the flexible copper conductors 2x50 mm² 
1.11. Rear overhang of the platform is 750 ... 1500 mm (according to customer demand and structural features) 
1.12. The total length of the landing: according to customer demand 
1.13. Height of the landing rail (transport position): according to customer demand and the structural possibilities 
1.14. Height of the landing rails in max. raised position: according to customer demand and the structural possibilities
1.15. Permitted load on the podium: 600 daN

2. Vertical teleskopic pillar with access ladder

The access ladder is fixed to the stable part of the working platform, equipped with retractable back  protection and snap lock for locking in the upright and folded position. With folding ladder we also deliver aluminum ladders.

2.1. The main structure is made of quality steel and consists of three parts with the square cross-sections. Guiding these parts consists of adjustable sliding parts of the border area for each part. In the center pillar is installed the lift cylinder with integrated emergency valve. None teleskopic part is welded to the base plate. The teleskopic part is welded to the supporting structure of the platform. At the bottom of the pillar is installed the control system. It consists of a terminal block with electromagnets to control the lifting, rotary and telescopic group.

Optional: one hand pump for forced lowering and turning in transport position.

2.2. On the pillar are mounted the access ladder in telescopic version. The access ladders are equipped with switches for lifting and lowering functions, if a person is on the ladder. The switch is set to 40 dAN. To ensure safety grips bumper-ladder approach will put proximity switch. Electrical lines will be carried out on the terminal strip in the electrical counter the platform and on the mounting board with a mounting length of the needs of the client.

3. Base plate with bearing and rotation reducer

The field Radius is set to +/- 90 degrees.

4. Hydraulic installations

Working pressure P = 150 bra, flow Q = 35 L / min
Max. lift-time to full height: 45 sec
Max. during rotation of 0 ° - 90 °: 45 s

4.1. Component Layout:

Double - acting telescopic cylinder for lifting, is equipped with a brake-pull-down valve.
Turning through the rotary planetary gear with hydraulic motor and brake, mounted

5. Electric and other cables:

Hydraulic lines are delivered with a mounting length of 6 m under the the base plate of the telescopic cylinder
(or by appointment).
Electrocabels will be deliver in lengths according to individual requests. (In the basket of 3.5 m and with the base plate up to 12 m)

6. Pneumatic connection with valve limit pressure, oil remover and an air tank of 40 l capacity

Mounted under the platform – 2 pieces

7. Control panel on the working platform


  • Lifting - lowering
  • turning left - right
  • STOP

8. All components will be sandblasted

The degree of blasting with a minimum of 2.5 to DIN 55928, thoroughly painted with 2K-epoxy primer, dry film thickness at least 30 my. Covered layer 2C AKRYL yellow RAL 1004, dry film thickness at least 50 my.

9. The platform is made in accordance with EN 280

Delivered models