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Installation of hydraulic drivelines: tipper trailers / semi-trailers

  • Hydraulic 9 - piston pump Meiller
  • oil tank, filter
  • Hidraol oil, first filling, 150 liters
  • Wiring fittings with safety group, the command group and the quick-disconnect couplings hydraulics
  • installation of the said equipment
  • functional testing

Additional equipment at extra charge:

  • extra excerpt from the gearbox (depending on truck chassis)

Preparing the truck chassis for winter service: snow plow and salt spreader

  • Mounting plate DIN 76060 with installation: installation of the carrier plate for the snowplow in the front bumper of the vehicle
  • Dual circuit communal hydraulics for truck
    • Installation of the tank for hydraulic oil: oil tank 80 liters + oil + oil filter + OIL GAUGE on the tank with the safety equipment
    • Group electromagnetic hydraulic distributor for controling the the snow plow with controls left - right - float
    • hydraulic electromagnetic valve for rotary drive of the salt spreader
    • power comand desk in the cabin where there are electrical controls for controling the snow plow (Joystick) and commands to turn the hydraulics of the salt spreader
    • hydraulic gear pump for hydraulic drive
    • connecting rubbers with high-pressure hose connectors
  • Electrical installation - Lighting
    • electrical outlets for outline marker lights of the snowplow
    • installation of elevated integrated halogen working lights with indicator signals (left and right headlight included)
    • 2 rotating yellow lights mounted on the roof of the vehicles cabin


Truck chassis must be provided with excerpt  from the gearbox

Additional equipment at extra charge

If the chassis does not have excerpt power from the engine, engine performance over a pulley (not compatible with air conditioning truck chassis)

Several accessories

For spider/towing upgrades

  • Steel handcuffs for type SPIDER
  • Cross - yoke for SPIDER
  • Belts for SPIDER


  • Pallet carrier PN 20
  • Forestry sprit EXTE 144, pair
  • The hydraulic endless rotator 4T


  • Sidebar protection
  • Sidebar Protection (trucks with a crane behind the cab)
  • Certificate safety at work for cranes
  • Certificate of the Centre for Croatian vehicles