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Forestry manufacturing

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Forestry upgrades on vehicles are designed for transportation of tree trunks.

Forestry equipment on trucks

Standard equipment:

  • Support chassis for acceptance forestry cranes
  • Front protective board (mesh of steel pipes and protection of steel ribbed plate)
  • Rear Protection board (mesh of steel pipes and protection of steel ribbed plate)
  • Loading area approximately 6.100 mm
  • PVC mudguards over the rear wheels
  • Installing extra cabinets for equipment and tools on the side of the vehicle
  • Meshed protected front and rear lights of the vehicle
  • 4 pairs of forestry handles (STIC) Light metal with anti-slip profiles EXTE 144, mounted on the support chassis 
  • Mounting the upper protection of aggregates and equipment of truck chassis, the cover of steel ribbed plate with structural fasteners
  • 2 sets, mounted, belt Nordic with ribbons
  • Mounting hook for belts
  • Mounting the crane
  • Mounting a hydraulic pump for the crane on the vehicle
  • Mounting hydraulic cranes on the back side of the vehicle
  • Connection and mounting complete hydraulic installations with the examination
  • Mounting hydraulic valves for the oil tank
  • Eectromagnetic rotating yellow light on the roof of the cab
  • Side underrun protection in accordance with the EEC standards
  • Side-outline marker lamps in accordance with the EEC standards
  • Rear bumper according to EEC standards
  • Appropriate markings in accordance with EEC standards
  • Attestation SAFETY AT WORK for cranes
  • Attestation of road transport at the Center for vehicles of Republic of Croatia
  • Technical crane book


  • Finishing for the transport meter stacked wood
  • Dismantling floor of the vehicle
  • Pockets for concurrence on the back of the truck (4 pieces)


Truck chassis must be provided with an excerpt power from the gearbox!

Delivered models

Forestry  upgrade

Forestry upgrade

Year of production: 2014.

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