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Cisterns are special tanks fitted on vehicles, semitrailers or trailers. They are used to transport water or fuel.

Mounted on vehicles

Water tanks Standard equipment: Fuel tank approximately 12 m³ Material INOX Ovaled shape of the container container with built-in connections for the pump and valve A lid on top of the tank Built-in ladders and tread on the top of the tank On the tank are mounted indicators, vent and breakwaters inside the tank Built-in connector for fulling / emptying of the container, on the side and rear of the

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Mounted on semi-trailers

Tank Trailers for propane-butane gas capacity 44 m³, on triaxial trailer with reinforcements, elektrosignalization, protected, complete examined, as attested. Tank: Capacity: 44.000 lit. 5 pieces of steel seawalls Working preasure: 16,7 bars Calculated pressure and hydraulic pressure tests: 25 bars working temperature: - 20 ° C to + 50 ° C thermal treatment Welding factor: 1 radiographic examination

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